Sunday School Communities | 9:15 - 10:15 a.m.  

Covenant follows a set of Shepherding Principles and a Shepherding Model that are both used in coordinating and governing our Sunday School Communities.

COLLEGE | Parlor College students
COMMUNITY | E305 All ages and life stages
CORNERSTONE | S104 30s and 40s
CROSSPOINTE | S100 20s and 30s
FOUNDATIONS | E304 30s and 40s
LIGHTHOUSE | E301 30s and 40s
LIVING STONES | E303 40s and 50s
KINGDOM BUILDERS | E201 50s and 60s
OPEN DOORS | S105 70s and above
THRESHOLD | Dining Room Singles and newly married; 20s and 30s
UPPER ROOM | S101 60s and 70s