Singing should be the natural response of a heart that has been stirred by the Lord, and Covenant's Music Ministry is a place for singers and musicians of all skill levels to aid their brothers and sisters in Christ in this process. Our goal is simply to help our congregation worship. We have fun and we work hard, but we ultimately do it to help the congregation engage with the Lord through singing. We'd love to have you!

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Choir Winter/Spring 2023

We’re mixing up our singing schedule in an effort to recruit as many singers as possible. If you’ve always wanted to join the choir but couldn’t commit to every Sunday, this is your time.



Wednesdays beginning January 11, 6:15-7:15 p.m., Sanctuary (come to as many as you can!).


Full Choir Sundays

ONCE A MONTH, all singers will be encouraged to lead in the 10:30 a.m. service (see schedule to right). Warmup will be at 9:55 in the sanctuary. The choir will lead congregational singing and present 1-2 specials pieces. You will be excused during the Passing of the Peace.       


Optional Choir Sundays

Want to sing more than once a month? In between our Full Choir Sundays, we are offering an optional week where choir members can help lead the beginning of the 10:30 a.m. service. We will not sing a special piece but will lead the congregational hymns. Warm-up will be at 9:55 in the sanctuary, and you will be excused during the Passing of the Peace.      











Winter/Spring 2023 Choir Schedule



January 22 - Optional Choir

January 29 - Full Choir

February 12 - Optional Choir

February 22 (Ashe Wednesday) - Full Choir

February 26 (Missions Festival) - Full Choir

March 12 - Optional Choir

March 19 - Full Choir

April 2 (Palm Sunday) - Optional Choir

April 6 (Maundy Thursday) - Full Choir

April 9 (Easter) - Full Choir

April 30 - Men's Choir

May 14 - Women's Choir

All rehearsals will be held in the sanctuary.
All Sunday morning call times are 9:55 am in the sanctuary with folder in hand. Choir will be dismissed during the Passing of the Peace.