Restoration Academy – Fairfield, AL 

Pray that their students would know that they are loved by their teachers and the Lord. Pray that their teachers would be rested and continue to trust God and allow him to lead in their classrooms. Pray that each person at RA would learn to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord. 


Esaie and Natacha Etienne – MTW, Haiti 

Pray for their plans to move to the Dominican Republic in the fall of next year to oversee the ministries in both Haiti and the DR. Pray for the plans for a leaders and wives retreat at the end of this year. Pray this retreat will be a time of reflection, evaluation of strategies, vision and mission for the ministry in Haiti. Pray for the Lord’s supernatural intervention in the country of Haiti as it continues to be very unstable and very unsafe. Pray for travel mercy for Esai and Natacha as they continue to do their ministry. 


Craig and Stacy Pohl – MTW, Japan 

Pray they would continue to find avenues in new friendships and that one day their neighbors would know Jesus! Pray for them as they take on more hours of language study and begin using Japanese in daily conversations. Pray for their daughters Karis and Aimee as they begin the Fall Semester at Covenant College – may God give them hearts for those around them. 


Jeremy and Angel Martin – Serge, London 

Pray for the children, teens, and their parents that these gospel seeds would grow and that they would believe in Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Pray Jeremy and Angel share the good news of Christ Jesus boldly, clearly, and faithfully. Pray for the Spirit’s presence and work in developing the new elders and deacons. Pray for the school year for their daughters Genevieve and Riley. 


Viorica Tataru – One Collect, Greece 

Pray that Alina will continue in her desire to know God more and to trust her life and difficult legal battle ahead of her in God’s hands. Pray for Radea to accept the Lord who she has come to know through counseling with Viorica. Pray for strength and stamina for Viorica and Dominic as it has been a very busy summer. Pray for wisdom to know when and how to go about getting some rest. Pray they find a quick and inexpensive way to fix their car. Continue to pray for Viorica’s family in Ukraine, for protection upon them and a restoration of peace in the country. 


Keith and Lois Betsch – Wycliffe, Global 

Pray for the Oceania partnership to have unity and good collaboration so that those waiting would have access to God’s Word sooner rather than later. Pray for Keith's role in supporting this partnership, both in his Global Partnerships role, where he is working with partners and churches to design and implement translation projects, and in his Rev79 role, where he is supporting churches and organizations in Oceania to use the App to share data and strategically plan together. Pray for safe deliveries for Hannah and Robin and for healthy babies and mommies. 


Matt and Megan Terrell – RUF, New York City 

Pray that God grows grace in them over the coming months. Pray God would connect them to Christian students eager to learn and grow in their faith. Pray God would use the study of 1 Peter to enrich students’ faith in Christ and equip them for following him. Pray that God would create deep spiritual friendships in their Family Groups. Pray their home would be a place of warmth, curiosity, and wonder at God’s kindness to us in Christ. 


Daniel and Courtney Hightower – RUF, Jacksonville State University 

Pray for their son Cole that his speech therapy would not be interrupted due to insurance issues. Pray that the freshmen students they connected with at orientation would get plugged into RUF over the next couple weeks and grow in their understanding of the gospel this semester. Pray for their family's endurance and faithfulness this year.   


Rodney and Jana Davila - MTW, El Salvador 

Pray for them as they lead a Vision Retreat to El Salvador in October for the purpose of exposing potential missionaries as well as supporting churches to what God is doing and will be doing in El Salvador. Pray for wisdom and confirmation of those participants who are seriously considering joining their team.   


Jud and Jan Lamos – MTW/18.26, Belgium 

Pray they will be able to develop strategic ministry with their new contacts. Pray their members will continue to know the power of God’s love. Pray they will be able to recruit new staff to help with their workload. Pray for rest before they start to travel again in the Fall. 


Maggie Aldin – RUF, Samford 

Pray for Sean and Maggie as they continue to navigate without a Campus Minister this semester. Pray for God to build relationships between Maggie and her students. Pray he would give her wisdom to listen well and speak into their lives.   


Stewart and Mary Cannon Swain – RUF, Alabama 

Pray the 2 students from Germany and Vietnam would join them at Large Group soon! Pray students would grow in the Gospel and feel connected. Pray that RUF would be a safe and inviting place for students from all walks of life. Pray that students would know the Lord’s unchanging care for them, despite the changing circumstances of the world. Pray for wisdom as they minister to students this fall and counsel them on a variety of issues.   


Taylor and Katherine Dix – MTW, Bulgaria 

Pray for their son to grow in health and protect him from sicknesses like RSV. Pray Robbie would not know a day in his life where he doesn’t know of the incredible love our heavenly Father has for him. Pray for God to provide the monthly support needed so they can return to Bulgaria..  


David and Danielle Grotton – MTW, Chile 

Pray for their plans to return to the States next spring for HMA. Pray for CEMIPRE as it is going through some needed transitions.   


Latasha Allston – RUF, Howard University  

Pray for the Lord’s provision regarding building community in DC. Pray for a healthy work-rest balance. Pray for her transition from Jackson to D.C. Pray students are greatly impacted by the Gospel. 


Anna and Jackson Cole – RUF, UNC  

Pray that as things slow down and rhythms are formed, that Anna would be deliberately busy rather than hurried. Pray for the fall conference in a few weeks and that students have the boldness and willingness to sign up. Pray their time at the conference would bear fruitful friendships, thoughtful conversation, and rest from the pressures of campus.