Keith and Rachel Knowlton – MTW – Scotland

As they come out of our lockdown, please pray that the Lord would open more doors for them to build relationship and share the Gospel with university students and others in the community. Pray that God would continue to grant Keith wisdom in effectively studying and communicating His Word. Pray for the continued health of Rachel and the baby.


Will and Judi Traub – Mission to the World – Scotland

Pray for Rev. Andy Pearson as his family as the continue to settle in. Pray for Andy as he begins a new ministry under Covid-19 restrictions. Pray specifically that he will be able to get to know the members of the congregation. Pray for the students in the Edinburgh Theological Seminary to finish the semester well. Pray the Lord will provide ministries for those who will be graduating so that they might spread the Gospel in Scotland. Pray that additional monthly support would come in so that they can continue to engage in the ministry to which the Lord has called them.


David and Danielle Grotton – MTW – Chile

Pray for wisdom regarding reopening CEMIPRE to in-person activities. Pray for Danielle as she teaches a conversational English Class via Zoo. Pray for the challenges associated with an online format, pray for students to adapt to the technology, and pray for creativity and wisdom in material presented. Pray for the church-planting team at Trinity Church Concon pray for fruitful encounters with people new to the church and pray for church members to be bold in inviting neighbors, parents, and colleagues to participate. Pray for the ability to communicate and to understand in Spanish. 


John and Heidi Steakley – Unbound Grace

Pray for the new online recovery Discipleship Platform, PATH, as it launches. Pray that God would bless this platform and allow it to reach as many as possible. 


Zach and Joy Sale – MTW – Bulgaria

Pray for Joy and Zach as they try to study language and care for two busy toddlers and a newborn. Pray as they meet people at the park and near their home even in this time of social distancing, that they can be a light for Christ, building more friendships, growing those relationships, and have the words to speak. Pray God would continue to turn people’s heart to Him in Bulgaria. Pray the “The Well,” team’s internship program, can happen this summer. Pray for New Life Church to continue to have growth in individuals as well as the congregation. 


Mel and Martha Pike  – MTW – Ukraine

Pray for peace between Ukraine and Russia. Pray Mel and Martha can finish their medical checkups and personal appointments within the next few weeks so they can return to Ukraine soon. Pray for an end to the COVID pandemic. 


John and Cathy Rug – MTW – Chile

Pray that the COVID crisis will begin to resolve itself in Chile and that there will be an end to the obligatory quarantining. Pray for adaption to their new house and location. Pray the elections in May will occur peacefully and that the Lord would rule and overrule. Pray for the church-planting interest to move forward. Pray for John as he leads a Zoom conference on Church Planting and Those with Disabilities – pray the Lord will enable all of us to grow in this matter. 


Viorica Tataru – One Collect – Greece

Pray for Jenny to know the need she has for our Savior. Pray for Sarin and her daughter to find healing both spiritual and physical. Pray for opportunities to share the message of Jesus’ suffering on the cross, His resurrection and life, with so many that suffer daily. Pray for the refugee women Viorica ministers to that they would keep on seeking the way, truth, and the life that are found in Jesus. Pray for the seed of the Gospel to grow deep roots in their hearts. 


Sergey and Lyuda Betin – Pathway Ministries – Ukraine

Pray for their counselors to grow in their faith and have a right balance of work and ministry. Pray for more opportunities to share the Gospel with their clients. Pray for wisdom in the leadership and making decisions. Pray for their families and for their health.


Young Life — Birmingham

Pray for summer camp sign ups and for God to provide the scholarship funding for those who need help to make this experience happen. Pray for the new Young Life leaders to be encouraged as they begin to know kids and engage in all of the responsibilities of Young Life and WyldLife leaders.


Esaie and Natacha Etienne – MTW – Haiti

Pray for the plans toward the formation of a Presbytery in Haiti. Please pray wisdom for Esaie as he makes decision of traveling to Haiti next month in the midst of difficult security situations. Pray for Anne Rose and her daughter Luie’s health and for this family's economic situation. 


Bob and Andrea Burnham — MTW — Ukraine

Pray that our Heavenly Groundskeeper will walk through this garden, still dormant and gripped by a wintry chill, and break up the hard hearts so His truth can take room and produce much fruit there. With the situation of Russian troops gathering on the Ukrainian borders, pray that the Ukrainian churches would not be gripped by fear but continue to boldly proclaim Christ through word and deed in each region. 


Chip and Becky Carter — Africa Inland Mission — Rift Valley Academy, Kenya

Please pray for our school as we have to make so many right decisions quickly to make this last term of the year happen well. Please pray for students and their families as they prepare and wait for the Kenyan government to say, “GO!” Also, pray for wisdom for the Kenyan leaders who have to make so many decisions that affect so many people.


Matt and Megan Terrell – RUF – New York City

Pray that whatever curiosity was awakened in the students would not diminish, that God would connect these students to other Christians who will continue the conversation, and that He would bring them home to faith in Him. Pray for the students as they begin finals the second week of May – pray for their sanity, focus, and resting in Christ during the final flourish of exams and papers at the end of a long and challenging semester. Pray for the graduating seniors as they enter the uncertainty of job hunting and post-grad life. Pray for wisdom and clarity for the Mission Team as they begin to plan for the Fall semester. Pray for Matt’s sabbatical this summer, that it would be one of deep spiritual rest and refreshment for him and his family.