Gathered Worship

We have two in-person worship services on Sunday mornings, 8:00 and 10:30 am (livestreaming at 10:30). However, the services look very different than our services prior to COVID-19. Please review our full COVID-19 Policy:


General Covid-19 Guidelines for Worship

While we are again gathering at Covenant for worship, we are not encouraging nor suggesting that everyone needs to be in attendance. We urge each person to take the best precautions you can for your own health and safety. This is especially true if you are in the high-risk category. Please follow the general guidelines listed below in deciding whether or not to attend the meeting in person:

  • Medically at Risk. If you are medically at risk or concerned about other family members that could be affected, we recommend caution and perhaps viewing the Holts' sharing time and worship service via our livestream.
  • COVID-19 Symptons. Please do not attend if you have any of the primary symptoms of COVID-19 including fever or chills; cough; shortness of breath or difficulty breathing; fatigue; muscle or body aches; headache; new loss of taste or smell; sore throat.
  • Self-Check Temperature. If you do decide to attend, please self-check your temperature and those in your household to ascertain that no one's temperature is above 99.9 degrees, without the use of fever reducing medication, before choosing to attend.
  • RSVP. All those planning to attend, please RSVP so that we can plan for adequate space and social distancing. You will see on the RSVP form that we are reserving the Fellowship Hall for our families with children in kindergarten and younger (you will find more information about this in the section below).
  • Masks Expected. You are expected to wear a mask when inside the building; all ushers, staff, and pastors will be wearing masks unless speaking from the chancel. We will have masks available for those who do not bring their own.
  • CDC Guidelines. Please remember that the following CDC guidelines are still in effect for each of us when we go out:
    - Always wear a face covering.
    - Wash your hands often and for at least 20 seconds.
    - Disinfect things you touch, and do not touch what you do not have to.
    - Avoid touching your face.
    - Practice good etiquette when coughing/sneezing.
    - Stay at least 6 feet away from others.
  • Enfold Disability Ministry. We welcome and embrace our families and visitors who are impacted by disability. We know that changes to the regular church routines might cause extra anxiety and challenges. The guidelines outlined above are designed to promote the health and safety of our congregation. However, we do not want to restrict access to worship to anyone who desires to come. If someone in your family lacks the skills needed to comply with the new guidelines, we still want to support, love, and welcome your family back to church. Help us learn how we may help your family thrive in these new circumstances by contacting Katie Flores at [email protected]. Katie will then connect you with our newly formed Enfold Disability Ministry to start the conversation on how to support your family’s unique needs during this re-entry process.


What Will Worship Look Like?

Please be aware of the following procedures that we will follow before, during, and after the service:

  • Entering & Exiting. Please enter and exit through the Sanctuary Foyer doors or the Fellowship Hall/Commons doors. Ushers will be seating congregants and this will help to simplify the process. Please arrive early and allow extra time for seating. 
  • Seating. We will seat attendees in the Sanctuary first, and then move into the following overflow rooms as needed: E201, dining room, commons, E301, E304, S100, and S104. 
  • Families with Young Children. We are reserving the Fellowship Hall for families with children in kindergarten and younger. If your family includes children in this age range, there is a section on our RSVP form for you to complete. We ask that you enter through the Nursery doors and then proceed upstairs to the Fellowship Hall. Our Children's Ministry Staff will be providing worship guides, children's worship guides, and extra paper at each table. We do ask that you supply your own pens/markers from home.  

We are so happy to be able to worship again in person, however, we understand that not all members will feel comfortable to attend at this time. We ask that you please exercise grace toward our brothers and sisters whose decisions differ from your own. It is precisely because there is no "one size fits all" solution that we have chosen to continue to provide the livestream option for worship.

Each week you can find the RSVP at the top of this page and in Chronicles, and we will send an email each Friday with links to the livestream and worship guide Thank you for the patience and care you have shown during this unusual season. Please continue to pray for our church staff, leadership, and congregation as we navigate a new way to come together and worship our Lord.