General Principles for Governance

• Christ is Head of the Church.
• Session is responsible to govern the Church and, working with the Senior Pastor and staff, for spiritual care of the Congregation, including shepherding and promoting the Peace and Purity of the Church.
• Deacons are responsible for finances and physical care of the Church and compassionate care of the Congregation, under the supervision and authority of the Session.


Ruling Elders


Nominating Committee

Covenant's Nominating Committee reports to the Congregation and is responsible for nominating church Officers for election by the Congregation. They meet as needed to develop a list of Officer nominees to be provided to the Congregation to conduct its election for the following calendar year’s Officer class. There are 14 Nominating Committee members: Immediate Past Clerk of the Session (Chair), 3 at-large Elders, 3 at-large Deacons, 7 at-large Congregants, and Senior Pastor (non-voting counselor role).


Steering Committee