As we head into summer we plan to go through the book Identity Theft, Reclaiming the Truth of Who We Are in Christ. This book is written by authors we love, including: Melissa Kruger, Courtney Doctor, Betsy Childs Howard, and Jen Wilkin. Each chapter is written by a different author, and they bring to life our true identity in areas such as Rescued by Grace, Made in God's Image, Redeemed by the Son, and Clothed in Splendor. The content of Identity Theft complements what we have been studying through Sane Thinking by giving us tapes of truth to replace the tapes of unprovable thoughts that have formed ruts in our thinking; but even if you did go through Sane Thinking, this is an excellent study.

Each chapter can be read in about 30 minutes, and there is a memory verse to meditate on that goes along with each chapter. The questions for the Group Discussion involve scripture reading and are simple but challenging. Because the chapters are arranged by topic it is easy to "miss a week" if you are on vacation or if you simply get behind. 

We plan to begin the study via Zoom groups on May 31 and end on August 2, and ALL women are invited to join, including college students. (As Covid-19 restrictions lift, we will reevaluate and consider moving to in-person meetings.) The book may be purchased at the PCA Bookstore: PCA Bookstore - Identity Theft

If you know that your small group is going to do this study, please choose "remain in my group" when registering, or you can choose "put me in a group" if you are not currently in a small group. Once you register, you will hear from small group leader regarding details of your discussion time.