These committees encompass the spiritual formation and guided worship for all ages and stages of our congregation.

Membership Committee | The Membership Committee seeks to share the love of Christ through hospitality and assimilation, welcoming all who pass through our church doors. (John Hamilton, Nominating Committee Advocate)
Members: Tripp Alexander (Chair), Brandon Bishop (Deacon), Taylor Brown, Lauren Hayes, Ginny Johnston, Katie Kent, Kristin Sartelle, Lee Sheppard (Ruling Elder)

Congregational Care Committee | The Congregational Care Committee seeks to train, equip, and encourage our congregation to fulfill the biblical commands to love one another, build up one another, and bear one another’s burdens. (Charlie Logan, Nominating Committee Advocate)
Members: Mary White (Chair), Andy Edwards, Sissy Flynn, Heather Hagins, Jeff Hayes (Deacon), Norman Pless (Ruling Elder), John Rust, Allison Smith

Community Life Committee | The Community Life Committee seeks to foster and extend gospel hospitality to one another and to our neighbors. (David Driskill, Teaching Elder; Victoria Williams, Staff Member; Darrell Tucker, Nominating Committee Advocate)
Members: Kathryn Tortorici (Chair), Laura Gurner, Brent Powell (Deacon), Clyde Prather, Charlie Regan (Ruling Elder), Molly Stone, Joe Strickland

Christian Education Committee | The Christian Education Committee supports and advises the pastors and session of the church in their work of educating the Christian mind. (Dave Driskill, Teaching Elder; Tricia Prather, Nominating Committee Advocate)
Members: Clay Wheeler (Chair, Ruling Elder), Aaron Coffey (Deacon), David O’Dell, Candy Prater, Margaret Pless, Mabry Smith, Mark Taylor (Ruling Elder), John Halsey Wood

Women’s Ministry Committee | The Women’s Ministry Committee serves the women of Covenant by upholding the ministry’s vision statement: Through God’s grace, the women of Covenant seek to be rooted in the love of Christ, strengthened in our faith and knowledge of God through His Word, and responsive to God’s call to love Him and others. (Ingram Link, Staff Member; Kathy Girardeau, Nominating Committee Advocate)
Members: Martha Bailey (Chair), Stephanie Alonso, Grace Harrelson, Steve Killgore (Deacon), Kate McKnight, John Smith T (Ruling Elder), Melanie Spooner, Sandy Whitten

Worship Committee | The Worship Committee seeks to foster and encourage consistent, good, and honest dialogue among the body of the church regarding worship for the benefit of the staff, Session, and congregation. (David Driskill, Teaching Elder; Rick Barnes, Staff Member; Bill Ratliff, Nominating Committee Advocate)
Members: Margaret Ann Pyburn (Chair), Dawson Cooper, Victoria Long, Warren Norville (Ruling Elder), Eric Saar, Matt Searson (Deacon)