General Principles Regarding Shepherding

• We must all shepherd all the people and must intentionally move one another toward Christ-likeness.
• The role of a shepherd is to gather, know, feed, lead, and protect. Covenant’s shepherding model should increase our understanding of these functions and enable us all to shepherd more fruitfully.
• An effective shepherding model should provide equitable coverage, appropriate accountability, and effective training for shepherding the entire congregation.
• Covenant’s shepherding model is built upon our strong Sunday School framework. We should enroll 100% of our members in a Sunday School Community to ensure they are being shepherded in a biblical manner.
• Christ has commissioned each Christian to make disciples and teach them the truths of the Gospel. Our shepherding model should promote discipleship relationships throughout the church.


Key Elements of Shepherding Model

Shepherding Leadership Team. Created by the Shepherding Committee, this team will assign officers where needed and provide accountability and consistency across all Sunday School Communities.
Sunday School Leadership Teams. Within each Sunday School Community, a team will be created and equipped for specific roles of leadership.
Shepherdess Team. This team of women will engage where needed at the direction of the Session.


Shepherding Model

*There are presently 10 Sunday School Communities, so there will be 10 Sunday School Leadership Teams. Teaching Elders oversee multiple classes. Currently the three Teaching Elders are David Driskill, Marty Crawford, and Dan Edwards.