Over the past year, our outreach committees have made significant progress in developing the components of our vision for both local and global outreach, which includes clarifying our purpose. Our outreach committees exist to educate, equip, and engage you to proclaim Jesus Christ by living missionally and extending gospel hospitality in Birmingham and around the world. We have also crafted our core values, finalized our mission of casting a new vision, and are continuing to develop the strategies to achieve this goal. With patience, thoughtful discussion, careful consideration and much prayer by our pastoral staff, officers, and committees, we have reached a consensus that we need to make some challenging yet positive changes in how we evaluate and partner with the missionary partners of our church.

At this point, we are asking all current and new missions partners to submit a new application for support that is consistent with the following core values:

•    We desire that our missionary partners align with the philosophy of ministry of our church.
•    We desire for our missionary partners to be engaged with and in a supportive relationship with
the local church and the culture in which they serve.
•    We desire a holistic ministry that seeks to take the “whole gospel to the whole person.” It is the
gospel manifested in proclamation and demonstration.
•    We desire that our missionary partners are receiving and giving gospel hospitality with those they
serve as they live in the same cultural context with them.
•    We seek to develop and support those called into ministry from our congregation.

Once the applications have been received, our committees will take 6-8 months to evaluate our potential missionary partners and determine the absolute best fit for Covenant at this time.

It is also important that we strive to standardize our missions funding practices so that we can ensure that we fulfill our financial commitment to each one of our partners. Throughout this process we are committed to financial stewardship. It is important that we reflect the trust of our officers, staff, and congregation; and that if we commit to partnering with a missionary that we can follow through with that promise. We hope that through this practice we will be able to help meet ongoing financial needs of our partners and have flexibility to help with unplanned expenses when they arise. Any financial changes will be effective in January of 2017.