Both the Global and Local Outreach Committees exist to educate, equip, and engage our congregation to proclaim Jesus Christ by living missionally and extending gospel hospitality in Birmingham and around the world.


Tom and Connie Edwards - Hope Health Center
Pray they would move toward suffering, knowing that God is generous, loving, and powerful with an amazing plan. Pray for the Cooking Well club meeting once a month to encourage healthy eating and Christian fellowship among the five ladies who completed the Cooking Well Class.


Dan and Beth Stanton – MTW – Bulgaria
Pray that God would overturn the law that is being debated now in the Bulgarian government.  But if not, pray for Him to give them the grace and wisdom to live and serve Christ in whatever circumstances they find themselves.  Pray for Community of Faith church to be a light shining in darkness – pray for the leadership team, worship team, planning team and children’s ministry.


Will and Judi Traub - MTW - Scotland
Pray for Andy and the others on the church planting team as they engage the people of Charleston with the Gospel   Pray that the Lord would continue to open hearts to the good news of Christ’s finished work. Pray the Lord would continue to bless Edinburgh Theological Seminary with growth and the privilege of training the next generation of Ministers in Scotland.  Pray for Will has he prepares students to be faithful ministers of the Gospel  Pray that the Lord would give them wisdom they will need to shepherd His people. 


Michael and Maegan Cody – Campus Outreach – University of North Alabama
Pray that Drew and Khamari’s conversions prove genuine and these guys become real laborers for Jesus on the football team. 


Izmail Life Care Center – Ukraine
Pray for wisdom from God how to use financial gifts the best way.  Pray for their plans not to be affected by martial law implemented in Ukraine.  Pray for Ukraine-Russia relationship and no war in the country.  Pray for Snezhana’s travel to Ukraine for three weeks in December and January


Young Life – Urban East
Pray for God to move in the hearts of the middle and high school students they serve as well as in the lives of those who lead in Club and Campaigners each week.  Pray for the Leaders in Training  - for commitment in their hearts to serve God by loving teenagers.  Pray for unity among each campaigners group, that they are drawn together by God’s love.  Pray for the Jr. Leaders – high school students who are discipling middle school students – Pray they will see the need for a stronger relationship with the Lord and will make choices that foster this relationship.  Pray for abundant resources to continue furthering God’s kingdom in the Birmingham City.


Ellen Barnett - MTW - Mexico
Pray for wisdom and work of the Holy Spirit as she helps with peacemaking in a couple situations.  Pray for the wisdom in what needs to be done with a couple students with major problems they have not run into before.   Pray for the teachers at New Horizon, as they put into practice the things they learned.  Pray for Ellen’s health.


Matt and Megan Terrell – RUF -New York City
Pray the non-Christians students they have had engaging conversations with would come to know Christ.  Pray RUF would be a life-giving community where students of all kinds grow in their love for one another, for God and for his people.


Joe and April Johnson – RUF – Birmingham Southern
Pray for the students who are wrestling with faith.  Pray for God to save mightily.  Pray for more students to come to RUF and hear the good news of Jesus.  Pray for rest for the Johnson family.   Pray for the spring semester large group as Joe leads them through the life of king David from 1 and 2 Samuel – pray for God’s Spirit to move in the hearts of the students and Joe.


Vinnie and Molly Athey – RUF – University of Alabama in Huntsville
Pray that God use RUF to meet students in dark places of anxiety, depression and loneliness, with the light of the Gospel.  Pray that RUF would continue to be outward facing and attract all types of different students across the campus. 


Khen and Rith Tombing - Pres. Mission International - Manipur, India
Pray for God to do greater things in 2019 – deeper humility, greater commitments, closer walk with the Lord, more love to Him, more new believers, more churches, more developments and higher achievements in every ministry. 


Philip and Emily – East Asia
Pray they would meet students who are interested in the person and mission of Jesus.  Pray they would know God more.


Katherine Long – MTW – Bulgaria
Pray that Katherine would feel the Great Immanuel with her, speaking to her, holding her, and encouraging her do His Father’s will and to feel our Father’s all-encompassing love for His children.  Pray for her replacement as  Director of Operations for the Rose Garden Project.  Pray for Katherine as she transitions out of the program. Pray for participants in the Rose Garden Project – pray for their hearts, souls relationships and their accountability team as they try to walk the fine line between helping and hurting Pray for the Community of Faith church plant as they navigate the waters of Genesis  - pray for hearts to change. Pray for MTW Europe as it has new leadership and new structures.  Pray for Katherine and Taylor’s upcoming wedding! 


Suzy Triplett – Servant Partners – Thailand
Pray for Suzy as she helps make life better for the inner city poor in Bangkok by loving on them in tangible ways.  Pray for the holistic education opportunities provided for the children living in the slums of inner city Bangkok. 


Viorica Tataru – International Teams – Greece
Pray for all the girls and madams who have received the Christmas gift and those who are yet to receive it.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will be at work in the hearts of these 500 people and that the Lord will reveal to them His love expressed in the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Pray for the many girls form Moldova that they have met recently.  Pray for M to find the courage to make the step to call and see a way out.  Pray for Viorica  “that whenever she speaks, words may be given to her so that she will fearlessly proclaim the gospel.”