Will and Judi Traub - Mission to the World, Scotland

Pray the Lord would continue to use ERSU to train more gospel workers in Ukraine and Belerus. Pray for wisdom for the Vacancy Committee as they search for a new minister for St Peter’s Free Church. Pray as well for God’s clear guidance regarding the selection of a new minister and for the continued unity and growth in the congregation. Pray for continuing development of relationships and opportunities for gospel conversations with those who bring their toddlers to Wee Rascals (an outreach ministry of St. Peter’s that Judy does). Pray for Will's cataract surgery on both eyes and that all goes well and that his sight improves. Pray for additional support to meet the amount required by MTW for them to remain on the field. 


Taylor and Katherine Dix - MTW, Bulgaria

Pray for them as they get use to St. Louis and the USA, balancing work and school as well as planting roots and spending time with families and friends. Pray for safety in travel this spring as they update churches on all God has done in Bulgaria and them over the past few years. Pray the Lord would open more and more hearts of God’s call to “go to the nations.” Pray for them as they finalize their plans to go back to Bulgaria for June and July to work with the internship program and help with Daughters of Bulgaria. Pray the Lord would prepare their hearts and the hearts of the interns and the Bulgarian they will meet. 


Austin and Kristen Braasch - RUF, Arkansas State

Pray for their group’s spiritual maturity this semester. Pray for their small groups and social events as they want to be a group that includes outsiders. Pray for Austin and Kristen as they adjust to new schedules as they have a growing ministry and growing family. 


George and Laura Hamm - RUF, University of Louisville

Pray the Lord would make them into a group that sees the lost and welcomes them. Pray for guys and girls small groups.


John and Dylan Peters - MTW, Costa Rica

Pray for the young people of ICRICEN who are studying, working, and trusting Jesus to provide opportunities as they work diligently. Pray for John’s time as a teacher and for new friendships to form with students. Pray for fruitful study of God’s word. Pray for John and Dylan’s language acquisition and fluidity. Pray for Dylan’s time taking a course at the university and that the Lord would turn these really smart and well read strangers into friends, not through arrogant debate but through acts of hospitality and kindness and good conversations. Pray for the counseling ministry team's work to be extending God’s grace and kindness to those they serve.


Young Life - Birmingham

Pray for all the teams as they plan and prepare for the spring Semester. Pray for the team to be unified as they go out and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with their teenage friends. 


Ellen Barnett - MTW, Mexico

Pray she can stay on top of all that she has to do asap, which includes planning and organizing several events between now and July. Pray for a co-director for the music institute. Pray the situation with renovation of two rooms at New Horizon School would be resolved soon.   


Verne and Alina Marshall - MTW, Chile

Pray for Verne as he teaches at the Huanta Bible Institute in Peru. Pray for Alina’s safety and health at home. Pray for the Marshalls and Gavezes – that God would lead them as they take steps to establish a discipleship center designed to present the Reformed and World view to the youth of Chile so than can begin to think biblically about Chilean and global culture. Pray for unity among the Presbyterian brothers, that they all will be of like mind, humble, and loving as they strive to heal some deep wounds.  Pray for peace as Chile continues to experience social unrest. 


Keith and Lois Betsch - Wycliffe, Indonesia

Pray for productive meetings for the Global 24:14 Coalition and that many productive partnership opportunities would come out of that meeting. Pray for Keith as he is arranging his travel schedule, with many moving pieces, that he would be able to be in the places God wants him to be and meet with those he is supposed to meet with.  Pray for their daughter Robin’s family as they adjust to a larger family – pray that Caleb would come to know His Savior at an early age. 


Dina Petrou - Community House of Damaris, Greece

Pray for the new girls that will come to the house in the next months. Pray for additional finances needed to finish paying off the office renovations. Pray for their participant “Violet” for her child, for release from anxiety and for protection. Pray for participant “Kate” for steady employment in Phase 2. Pray for participant “Natali” for release from depression and that she takes her medication, for the willpower to follow thorough for a job, and for the opportunity to reunite with her child. 


John and Cathy Rug - MTW, Chile

Pray for John and his co-laborers at CEMIPRE as they work in an ever-expanding ministry to those with visual disabilities, to the community, and to the Church at large that needs to enfold those coming to Christ. Pray for peace in Chile.


Brad and Jamie Newport - TEAM, Greece

Pray for Jamie’s network of women friends in their apartment building. Pray for more open doors and deeper conversations about Christ with each. Pray for the residents and the migrants in Lesvos  – peace. 


Daniel and Courtney Hightower - RUF, Jacksonville State University

Pray for Daniel as he preaches on God’s acceptance of us based on Jesus’ work alone! Pray for the Holy Spirit to open eyes and heart to see the truth more clearly. Pray for their son Cole as he will be enrolled in speech therapy and for his continued growth in his communication.


Verne and Alina Marshall - MTW, Chile

Pray for unity among the conservative Presbyterian churches in Chile. Pray for Alina as she is working on final details to start ReGroup in March. Pray for Verne who will teach in he Huanta (Peru) Bible Institute this month. Pray for wisdom as they start the Discipleship Center this year.


David and Danielle Grotton - MTW, Chile

On April 26 Chile will hold the first vote on whether to create a new National Constitution or not. Pray that this process will go smoothly, that all people's ideas will be heard and of course that the process will be peaceful. Pray for the Grottons as they transition to Vina in June or July. Pray for the correct location for them and decisions about the boys’ schooling. Continue to pray for David’s language learning. 


Anthony and Sayo Odtohan - MTW, Japan

Pray for Sayo’s health and healing as she takes medication, makes significant changes in her diet and daily routine, and continues to be a wife and a mother with their three little ones. Pray for Anthony’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Pray for wisdom and the Lord’s direction for decisions about what to do with all his current classes as well as the Lord's provision of future mission workers who could eventually relieve him from some of his teaching responsibilities. Pray for the salvation of Sayo’s family. Pray for Anthony’s upcoming trip to the States and that the Lord would raise up support partners.