Both the Global and Local Outreach Committees exist to educate, equip, and engage our congregation to proclaim Jesus Christ by living missionally and extending gospel hospitality in Birmingham and around the world.


Clay and Darlene Quarterman | MTW, Evangelical Reformed Seminary of Ukraine

Pray for traveling mercies as they drive many miles and a good attitude about trips. Pray for dealing with Clay’s mom in a new phase of assisted living as well as sorting, dividing, and decluttering all her "stuff." Pray they would be effective and strategic in raising ongoing funds for the seminary (ERSU) in Ukraine and that they would be able to keep up with relationships while they are stateside for year.


Dan and Beth Stanton | MTW, Bulgaria

Pray they would be faithful to run well and that God would build and strengthen this little light in darkness – His Community of Faith church. Pray that Christ would be the anchor not only of their souls but all they do in Bulgaria. Pray for the anti-trafficking coalition, Daughters of Bulgaria. Pray for the long-term residence and training program for their Daughters and their children – Rose Garden Project. 


Johan and Stephanie van der Westhuizen | MTW, Chile

Pray for Johan as he is part of a pastoral commission that has replaced the leadership of one of their oldest churches that fell into disrepute. Pray for the fear of the Lord, wisdom, and understanding be given for the work as is needed. 


Brad and Agi Baker | CRM, Hungary

Pray for quick and complete healing for Zsolt – the pastor of the Hungarian and Gypsy churches. Pray for God to raise the necessary funds to keep the Afterschool Project for Gypsy children up and running. 


Jon and Tracy Eide | MTW—Kiev, Ukraine

Pray for the team as they help to educate, train, and support the pastors working to expand God’s Kingdom in Ukraine. Pray for additional financial support for the Eides.


Chip and Becky Carter | Africa Inland Mission—Rift Valley Academy, Kenya

Pray wisdom for Becky as she guides the first graders. Pray also for the nearly 500 students at RVA that they as a staff would consistently mirror God’s love and grace to them, and that the students themselves would choose to follow Christ’s leading, boldly proclaiming His message throughout the planet, in whatever vocations they do end up joining. 


Julia Glasgow | World Race

Pray for communication on their squad and within the long term team. Pray for clarity of mind and a renewed passion for the Gospel and Kingdom work. Pray for some 3,000 Buddhist monks in Thailand that they will have a supernatural encounter with the one true God. Pray Julia’s friends in Starbucks will see Christ's light in her and that she will have the opportunity to share the Gospel message with them. Pray for continued healing of the compression fractures in her back.


Matt and Megan Terrell | RUF, New York City

Pray that God would provide a free, consistent, accessible meeting space that is large enough for the RUF group for the entire school year at NYU’s Kimmel Center. Pray that the student leaders, especially the few who live and study further away from the desired new meeting space, would be excited about this move and the possibilities it creates. Pray this move would mean they are able to provide more Christian students with a community where they can spiritually grow and thrive, and that they are able to reach more unbelieving students with the grace of the Gospel.


Restoration Academy | Alabama

Pray for RA during this time of transition of new Executive Director and as they seek to advance the two greatest commandments in the life of each student. 


Wes and Nancy Simmons | RUF, Auburn

Pray for the regional summer conference that students would come to understand and embrace the Gospel of Jesus in deeper way. Pray the student leaders would be unified in mission to reach students for Christ and equip them to serve. Pray that students would develop a love for and desire to serve the Church. 


Viorica Tataru | International Teams, Greece

Pray for the mother and daughter they recently rescued. Pray for recovery from their injuries and safe return back to their country. Pray for protection and rest for Viorica and team.


Verne and Alina Marshall | MTW, Chile

Pray for their granddaughter Amelie who has been diagnosed with cancer. Pray for Cristo Rey Church as it is going through deep trials. Pray for the legwork being done to establish a seminary. Pray for Alina as she counsels and disciples many ladies in Chile. Pray for provision of needed financial support for the Marshalls. 


Curtis and Marissa

Pray for Curtis as he preaches. Pray for Marisa as she is planning to have a ladies brunch in a few weeks. Pray that they would love their church. Pray for the election coming up.


Brad and Agi Baker | CRM, Hungary

Pray for Bianka’s family and circle of friends would all come to Christ as they see what Christ as done, and is doing in the daughter/sister/friend. Pray God would use the Missions Day events to help reach their goal of more Hungarian missionaries in foreign mission fields, sent and supported by Hungarian churches.