Both the Global and Local Outreach Committees exist to educate, equip, and engage our congregation to proclaim Jesus Christ by living missionally and extending gospel hospitality in Birmingham and around the world.


Esaie and Natacha Etienne | MTW, Haiti
Pray for political stability in the country of Haiti. Pray for the Bus project that they desperately need for the ministry. Pray for the different financial needs of the seminary as the ministry expands and grows. Pray for the Etienne family. 


Rodney and Jana Davila | MTW, Costa Rica
Pray for travel mercies for their three week trip to the States. Pray for fruitful conversations, for the logistics, and for them to find a balance between being “on” and having personal downtime.  Pray for Jana as she mourns the loss of her Dad. Pray for their children Alyssa and Christopher as they begin their senior year at Covenant College.


Johan and Stephanie van der Westhuizen | MTW, Chile
Pray urgently for this nation that steadily grows more and more secular, even as its influence in the region increases exponentially. Pray for Johan as he coaches a young church planter in Medellin, Colombia. Pray also as he works with San Marcos International Church to implement a new growth track development. Continue to pray as they work through the difficult and denominational discipline issues. Pray for Stephanie and her team as they share Parakaleo workshops with pastors' and church planters' wives. Pray God would prepare the hearts of the women coming and the team as they prepare to minister. 


Jon and Tracy Eide | MTW—Kiev, Ukraine
Pray that the relationships that are built at the camps, that God would use them to build the Ukrainian Church and they would be an example to the culture around them. Pray for their son Zachary on his 10th anniversary since they adopted him.


Restoration Academy | Alabama
Pray their students will build their hopes and future on Christ alone. Pray that the staff will continue to lean into Jesus when the storms of the year occur. Pray they all discover strength, refuge, and shalom in Jesus.


Jeremy and Rachel Shank | RUF International, SMU
Pray for wisdom for RUF I and RUF staff in joining the two groups together this semester to show they are working to the same end and let the students get to know each other. Pray for lasting friendships between the two groups. Pray for deeper relationships and conversations with the students.


Dina Petrou | Community House of Damarias, Greece
Pray for their girls and their babies, past and present. Pray for the ladies that will join Damaris this fall. Pray for their monthly financial needs to be met. Pray for the director, staff, and volunteers. Pray against exploitation and trafficking in Greece. Pray for refugees and victims in Greece.


Brad and Jamie Newport | TEAM, Greece
Pray for new Greek connections as they move through their days and that these connections will give them opportunity to be and proclaim the glories of Christ. Pray for deeper connections to the Body of Christ in Athens. Pray for TEAM’s structure in Greece. Pray for continued language learning. 


John and Cathy Rug | MTW, Chile
Pray for daughter Ana Beth’s pregnancy and safe delivery of a healthy baby. Pray for much wisdom for Cathy and John regarding upcoming travel. Pray for the local presbytery and for mutual edification and encouragement for all those involved. Pray for John as he shares the Good News with folks at CEMIPRE Foundation who have recently lost their sight. 


Mel and Martha Pike | MTW, Ukraine
Pray the church will be a shining light over the city of Kyiv in its new location. As the new schedule begins, pray that the contacts made during the summer will result in more people attending the worship service. Pray for Martha as she begins her second semester of Russian language school. Pray for Mel and Martha as the next couple months will be full of visitors and some travel to their annual team meetings. 


Jon and Susan Stocksdale | Africa Inland Mission
Pray for speedy and successful work and God’s clear direction on Jon’s next step. Pray for rest and restoration for Susan before her now role with AIM in member care and candidate assessment. 


Khen and Rith Tombing | Pres. Mission International—Manipur, India
Pray that God will give new sponsors for 178 orphans still in need of sponsorship. Pray that God will prepare the right future leaders for the Presbyterian Church in India. Pray for Khen’s health as he still has a lingering pain in lower abdomen area. Pray for God’s anointing on Khen’s preaching the next two months. 


Matt and Megan Terrell | RUF, New York City
Pray that committed Christians get connected to RUF right away so they can encourage, equip, and care for them. Pray for curious skeptics to get connected to RUF right away so they can help them find answers to their questions and introduce them to Jesus. Pray for returning students to enthusiastically re-engage with RUF, inviting their friends, and participating in all that God has to offer them through this ministry.