Mel and Martha Pike | MTW, Ukraine

Pray for Sergei Kukushkin, pastor of Trinity Reformed Presbyterian Church in Kherson. Pray for many years of faithful service. Pray that God will raise up leadership for the international outreach. Pray that Denis will come to faith in Christ.


Jon and Tracy Eide | MTW—Kiev, Ukraine

Pray for financial stipends for the seminary students. Pray for rental space for the new Kyiv Church Plant. Pray for the Eide family as they seek to continue their work in Ukraine and other Easter European countries.  


John and Dylan Peters | MTW, Costa Rica

Pray for additional support. Pray the Lord would continue to grow the counseling ministry and provide counselors and needed training. Pray the Lord would be preparing the hearts of college students to be transformed by the Gospel. Pray for open doors into the college community as they consider ways to connect with students.


Sam and Patty Metcalf | NOVO, California

Pray for the political uprising in Lebanon and Iraq – pray for the Spirit of God to break the grip of evil over these countries, pray for security, pray over the economy and banking as many may lose all they have. Pray for the Discovery Bible Study groups that are starting in amazing ways and the way the existing groups are practicing their faith. Pray for the prayer tent set up. Pray for leadership and wisdom in this ongoing situation. 


Tanner and Kelsey Crum | RUF, Auburn

Pray that their new relationships would grow deeper in the coming years. Pray for them as they enter a new phase of parenthood as Baby Girl Crum arrives in March. Pray for Large Group RUF as they aim to become a more welcoming and better connected community on campus. 


Tamas and Zsofia Heizer | CRM, Hungary

Pray for continued good health and recovery for Tamaz. Pray for the many training programs and the mentoring and coaching sessions he is doing. 


Keith and Lois Betsch | Wycliffe

Pray for those still waiting for access to God’s Word in a language they can understand. Pray that the final stages of the Auye New Testament translation project will continue on schedule. As a translation nears completion, spiritual attacks often happen and troubles arise. Ask God to give the translation team perseverance as they complete this important task. Ask God to prepare the hearts of the Auye to receive, hear, and understand his Word. Pray for Keith as he goes to Papua Indonesia – pray for safety in travel and good health. Pray for wisdom and courage for him to meet with partners and staff working there.


Dan and Beth Stanton | MTW, Bulgaria

Pray for New Life Church and continue to pray for the growth and for the development of Bulgarian leaders. Pray for the seminary-level training program, Elias Riggs Center for Biblical Studies. Pray for Sofia Christian Academy and for teachers to come.


Jim and Marianna Peipon | Ukraine Medical Outreach

Pray for North American Prayer Week 2020 in Colorado. Pray colleagues from different medical professions be prompted by the Holy Spirit as they seek God’s leading in health issues. Continue to pray for financial stability for UMO and continued blessing to those partners. Pray for follow up with medical students who attended the October conference both in fellowships within Ukraine and with Christian physicians in their homelands. 


Brad and Jamie Newport | TEAM, Greece

Pray for Giannis, Mariana, Irene, and Yana. Pray for the refugees to remain steadfast and that the Lord would make a way for them to get an Asylum interview soon. Pray Jamie and Brad would be able to continue to bless and give and care for them. Pray for M and F to grow and become a platform of leadership for the growing Persian church in Greece and Europe. 


David and Danielle Grotton | MTW, Chile

Pray for the Lord to use the unrest in Chile for His glory and that many will call upon Him as Savior. Pray for opportunities to share the hope that we have a Christians in time of incredible hopelessness. Pray for justice. Pray for wisdom for the leaders of Chile.


Austin and Kristen Braasch | RUF, Arkansas State

Pray for the students that have been through broken relationships, past abuses, and dark trials, that Jesus would be near to them. Pray for Kristen and Austin as they await the birth of their first child. Pray for additional ministry partners. 


Khen and Rith Tombing | Pres. Mission International - Manipur, India

Pray for hostel facilities for male students and female students for Reformed Seminary. Pray for resources to build houses for some of the employees. Pray for Khen’s preaching and teaching itinerary the next few months


Anthony and Sayo Odtohan | MTW, Japan

Pray for physical endurance, good time management, and lesson prep as Anthony teaches a combined 20 classes for CCS, Afterschool English Kids Ministry, and the Evangelistic English Ministry Schoold. Pray for wisdom for Anthony in helping coordinate the Open House English School. Pray for the Arts and English themed evangelistic event for the Open House in February. Pray for the health and spiritual vitality of their marriage and for them to have a fruitful family life and ministry in bilingual worship, evangelism, and English outreach. Pray for the financial needs for their family and the Lord’s guidance in preparing for another support raising trip to the states in March 2020.


Raul and Dana Chirica | Way of Joy Ministries, Romania

Pray for the Way of Joy ministry in Ursita, one of the poorest areas of Moldova. Pray for the micro-farm ministry that is serving all the villages and giving them the opportunity to share the Gospel and help people to help themselves by giving them something to work at the farm. Pray for the Way of Joy Church as they minister in the streets this Christmas with Voice of Grace band.