Christmas in Fairfield is a unique ministry that provides clothing for children in need and provides the participating parents with the opportunity to shop for and purchase toys for their children at reduced and affordable prices. Think of the joy you feel when you see someone open a present that you have selected especially for them. By participating in Christmas in Fairfield you are blessing these families with the gift of giving!


There are two ways that you and your family can be involved with the Christmas in Fairfield Shop this year: sponsor a child by purchasing clothing for them and/or donate funds to help fill the shop.


Sponsor a Child.

We have 150 children in need of clothing sponsors this year. By sponsoring a child (children), you are committing to purchasing at least three (3) items of clothing for them. Please sign up here and you will receive an email with all of the details you will need.



Donate Funds for the Toy Shop.

Your monetary donations allow our volunteers to stock up on toys and gift for the participants to purchase at 75% off the original price. If you would like to donate, you may do so online (put "Christmas in Fairfield" in the "Other Designated Contribution" field at the bottom of the donation form) or send a check to Covenant marked for Christmas in Fairfield.