These committees will care for children and students, from birth through university years.

Teaching Elder:
Dan Edwards, Pastor to Children and Families

Children’s Ministry Committee | We exist to serve the families and children of Covenant Presbyterian Church by creating a passion for God and His Word, encouraging and nurturing fellowship, and developing a heart for serving others, so that we all may delight in Jesus Christ and glorify Him. (Dan Edwards, Teaching Elder; Jami Bennett, Katie Flores, Jocelyn Martin, Deanna Misner, and Laura Tucker, Staff Members; Mary T Miller, Nominating Committee Advocate)
Members: Jim Bennett (Chair), Melissa Galbraith, Eric Getty (Ruling Elder), Emily Joy Gresham, Eva Shank, Robert Stephens (Deacon), Lacey Viner, Caroline Woods

Student Ministry Committee | The Student Ministry Committee exists to cultivate a community of students who seek and follow Jesus in all of life, for all of life. (Caleb Blow, Austin Braasch, Rachel Davis, Sara Litten, and John Steakley, Staff Members; Dave Gray, Nominating Committee Advocate)
Members: Robert Luttrell (Chair, Ruling Elder), Robert Hahneman, Rebekah Harrelson, Duncan Morris (Deacon), Carol Schaffeld, Preston Sartelle, Ben Walker (Ruling Elder), Julie Tapscott

Covenant Day School/Mother’s Day Out Committee | Covenant Day School seeks to glorify God through obedience as we serve you and your child—inch by inch, precept by precept through the strength of the Holy Spirit, knowing each day is only a step in the path God has ordained for each child. Our Mother’s Day Out program aims to teach our children about God and to provide ways for each and every child to experience God’s love. (Dan Edwards, Teaching Elder; Brooke Stewart and Jami Bennett, Staff Members; John James, Nominating Committee Advocate)
Members: Bill Bennett (Ruling Elder), Anna Kate Coffey, John Harrelson (Deacon), Michael Latta (Ruling Elder), Kim Siegel, Kathryn Strubel, Adrienne Thames