Both the Global and Local Outreach Committees exist to educate, equip, and engage our congregation to proclaim Jesus Christ by living missionally and extending gospel hospitality in Birmingham and around the world.


Curtis and Marissa S.

Pray for the students from Duke RUF as they come to serve with a refugee English camp with Curtis’ college students.  Pray for this time to be one of spiritual growth and experience and for grace with the schedule and logistics.


Mel and Martha Pike | MTW, Ukraine

Pray for Pastor Ivan and Mel as they work on a ten-year plan to develop the English language service into an independent congregation of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church–Ukraine. Pray for Martha’s language acquisition.


Michael and Maegan Cody | Campus Outreach, University of North Alabama

Pray for the Lord to allow their staff to labor out of an overflow of joy in Him, so the students will genuinely feel the love of Christ coming from them. Pray for the 5 staff currently laboring at UNA and JSU to be fully funded. Pray for Christon to come to know the Savior. Pray the Lord brings many students to be trained in discipleship to Summer Beach Project, which Michael will be directing. Pray for the preparations for the week long vision trip to Nairobi, Kenya and Michael will be leading – pray the Lord prepares them for what He wants to reveal to them.


John and Cathy Rug | MTW, Chile

Pray for wisdom for those that are involved in both the CEMIPRE Foundation and the Malfatti church plant. Pray for the congregation 2 hours from John that is requiring presbytery attention – pray John and others may be granted much wisdom; that God’s holiness, justice and love will be evident to the congregation; and that serious matters may be overcome in Christ. Pray for John and Cathy as they seek to walk with Jesus and show His love to newly converted believers both in the ministry to those with disabilities as well as at church.


Sebastian and Viviana Lopez | City to City, Chile

Pray for their church planting team. Pray for provision for a place that can be more functional and accessible for everybody. Pray for strength and courage for the journey, for joy and for peace in the midst of challenges and difficulties. Pray for Santiago, for openness to the Gospel and for God given opportunities to reach out to the city with service and love. 


Katherine Long | MTW, Bulgaria

Pray for the Well Internship this summer as applications are coming in. Pray the Lord begins preparing their hearts and the teams' hearts to serve together in Bulgaria. Pray for the new church plant as they go through the Book of Psalms and discuss what it means and how it looks to have a praying life. Pray for the Trauma Training in April hosted by Daughter of Bulgaria. Pray this conference would be a blessing to everyone involved and that DofB would find favor in the eyes of the professional community. Pray for continued courage, strength, and good health for Katherine.


Verne and Alina Marshall | MTW, Chile

Pray for their granddaughter Amelie who has been diagnosed with cancer. Pray for Alina as she counsels/disciples many people with varying degrees of need and pain – for wisdom and physical and emotional strength. Pray for Verne as he is busy discipling, preparing to set up a seminary, as well as begin a church plant. Pray that the Marshall’s can raise lost support.


Scott and Jayne Cuidon | Croatia, Campus Crusade

Pray for God to expand their understanding of His word, to expand their heart for the world, and to expand the work of his hands.


David and Jill Martin | MTW, Ukraine

Pray for their friend Shura to come to know that the Gospel really is true for her. Pray for cessation of the conflict that continues in the eastern part of Ukraine between separatists and the Ukrainian military. 


Jon and Susan Stocksdale | Africa Inland Mission

Pray for the students as RVA especially those Susan is counseling. Pray for Jon and Susan as they seek to leave RVA in the best possible way over the next 5 months.  Pray for Susan as she transitions to AIM’s home office and pray for wisdom for Jon in what to do for his ministry.


Joshua Harper | RUF, Erskine

Pray for Joshua to continue to improve physically and ultimately get back to feeling normal. Pray that God will help the team to seek to love and encourage the students with the Gospel. Pray for Josh as he leads a Freshmen Bible study on the Psalms – pray God would use this avenue of ministry to reach students and help them to grow.  Pray for the mission trip to serve a local widows ministry – that it will go smoothly and that students will come to learn what it means to love and serve. 


Kyle and Gretchen Parker | Coram Deo PCA, Spokane, WA

Pray for Coram Deo as they engage in Gospel ministry in 2018. Pray for financial support for this church plant. Pray for a permanent home for this church.


George and Laura Hamm | RUF, University of Louisville

Please continue to pray for George and Laura, for their students, and for Jesus Christ to continue bringing his goodness to Louisville.